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Does eczema weaken immune system? Interleukins are immune proteins that increase the body's ability to fight off viruses and bacteria. But these proteins can mistakenly target the body's own tissues, causing an autoimmune reaction. In previous studies, drugs that suppress the entire immune system have improved eczema patients' symptoms.
Why is there no cure for eczema? Scientists have come a step closer to developing a cure for eczema after discovering how a deficiency in the skin's natural barrier can trigger the painful condition. Flare-ups can be treated with creams and steroids, but there is currently no cure for the disorder.
Can hives be a sign of something serious? Hives are common and usually harmless. But occasionally they're a sign of a serious allergic reaction. So, always tell your mom or dad if you get them. When a person is exposed to something that can trigger hives, certain cells in the body release histamine (say: HIS-tuh-meen) and other substances.
Kourtney Kardashian hid her toned and fit physique on Tuesday as she stepped out with her son, Reign, five, to grab some coffee in Los Angeles. The tobacco and vaping industries and conservative allies intensively lobbied against a ban on popular flavored e-cigarettes. If by better you mean beloderm wildly popular and unpredictably caffeinated, then yes. The DSC literary prize comes with a $50,000 award.

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